Soul Star CD for the Atari Jaguar (Unreleased Prototype)
Straight to the goods...
Here is the OPTIONS menu for Soul Star.  Your basic configuration features with the additional SFX TESTS and MUSIC TRACKS TESTS to listen to all audio contained within the CD (I forget how many exactly, like 10 I believe) ---EXIT---
A screen from the beginning intro for Level 1 
(you have 3 goals to accomplish on level 1) 

Basically your breifing in FMV. The FMV is OK, could have been a little better however.
Level 1...
After the minute or so of FMV for the level 1, your shot right in the middle of space. Enemies come from sides (basically behind you) and sworm into the front and others coming directly in front. The ship itself is too damn big however to see your enemies to target. You get the job done  (kinda skettishly) but it does get done.
Feels like your just trying to get through the enemies instead of really trying to blast them out of the air~
2nd Phase of Level 1...
This is the 2nd phase of Level 1 (3 total) - The ground is nice, kinda like F-Zero for SNES , and yes, very 16-Bitty! The game was originally on the Sega CD, go figure!
Slow Down, NO!
Note: There's no slow down on this one however, then again, why should there be?!? It's a 16bit port, like many many other Jaguar games. It seems to take a while for your energy and sheild to go down too!
3rd Phase, Level 1...
Here is the 3rd phase of Level 1, the last phase to go into the ship and start Level 2 (which doesn't really  happen, you'll see why) You get several weapons to select from as well! (And you start off with 3 Lives)
The Mutha...
Here's the mother ship you have to enter at the end of Level One.  Actually, you have no choice really. I tried to fly around the damn thing but you literally get sucked into the black hole ship!
The Ugly, The 2nd, The Level 2!
This is where the proto goes and burns itself straight to hell.  The graphics are all fucked up on this one! You can still however move around, shoot shit that's trying to kill you (Good lord what the hell is that!) Anyhow, you go up to the Data Pod (Machine, Enemy, Boss, Whatever!) and blast the bloody bastard away!
Only....   after about 15 seconds, the game blanks out to a dark pitty black screen of..... ?!....

You' guessed it...


Overall Thought on the Game:
This game, although strangely playable and 2 player co-operative, would have actually been played a few
more times then , oh, say Space Ace or Braindead13! (Hell, We'll even go Primal Rage on this one!)
It does have some play, and some nice ways of making you "game" as far as the phases are concerned.

Graphics: It's 16bitty, only full-screen cuz the Jag can handle it (which makes me wonder why they didn't
polish up the graphics. In either case, it's nice looking for a 2D/3D shooter dealy.

Sound/Music: Sound FX are basic and simple at most!  but, they are there!  Music consists of 8+ tracks of
something you'd hear from a stupid Sci-Fi movie yet having some elements which made me think 
"Star Trek Rip-Off" but original in it's own.

Control: It controls better than most Jag games I've played! I was surprised! But due to the fact that the ship
is just so damn huge, it's kind of hard to shoot what your aiming for that you can't really see because YOUR 
in the way! =) 

Difficulty: Easy yet increasingly difficult...  it doesn't seem like much damage is being done to you at first, but
I bet if you didn't play your cards right, you'd be lucky if you made it close to level 3!

Overall: I would sacrafice Space Ace and BD13 for this game to be completed any day! Besides, how many
actually play either without the damn thing locking up on you?! ;-) From what I have at hand, 6 out of 10.

The Updates...The Movies... The Clips...
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Check back for updates as I'll be posting them as progress is made!   -//JagCube//Clint Thompson