Phase Zero (Unreleased Game for the Atari Jaguar)(Released as ROM)
Phase Zero, in it's current state, is very interesting to say the least. The game itself has a nice feel!
There is no music however but the graphics and gameplay are worth the price of admission!
Most people can't get Flash carts, but if you get the chance to get one burned on CART, I would recommend it!
For those of you who think SpaceWar2k is a good game, just give this one a try! 

Even though it doesn't support 2-players, it's got a nice grip to it! It's ashame it was never finished and the
networking to link up some Jaguars for multiplayer mayhem!
Has a slight feel of Hover Strike but very very different!  It's not so low in frame rate! It's damn nice actually!
And it has a bumpy-texture feel/look to it but you can glide nicely over everything!  I'm thinking this is how
SuperCross 3D should have done it! Motocross for PC! Seems possible in low-res on the Jaguar looking at 
this engine.
"Tired of getting stuck at level 5? Here's how to get past it!"

Well.... sort of... at least you can -access- the other levels, but that's not saying you can beat them.... 

Recently I've been messing with the Jaguar a LOT! And upon completing up to level 5
(and then the big bug crash) I started to wonder...
(There's gotta be more to it then this....)
After spending a few hours with my friend AXE, I noticed that there was more text,
more levels, and more game!
Messing around with the buttons and after a few hours of fiddling I figured this code out:

Phase Zero Level Code:

While at the green menu screen(before entering combat and options, etc.) 
Press any number on the numeric keypad (1-9 of course)
for the desired level. While holding the number press Pause
(You'll Notice the big red background!).
Release the number first, wait a second, then release pause.

Your level description should bring up X level with the description at hand,
allowing you to play that level.

I also noticed the network mode and how it freezes... and from what I see they just 
completely skipped this part.
(as there is absolutely no code in between or after the Network, it jumps directly to a mission)
...then again, this is just my own observations....

I feel the game itself however goes into a little too much detail.
If you check the breifings before each level, it goes into this extensive deatil on your main 
objective and the storyline,
again - Very Detailed!

Really , everyone has his or her own opinion, you must play the game! :)
I think the red/hell looking world is my favorite! :) Looks veyr dim and nice! 
Point Blank, this is (and could have been) of the better Jaguar Titles by far!

If I ever get an eeprom burner , spare cash, and the materials I would love to burn some for people who don't have this game or hasn't had the chance to play it!

Clint Thompson