Atari Jaguar 2 (COBWEB) Unreleased Prototype
Atari Jaguar 2(COBWEB)
This is what makes Atari so interesting, so many unreleased products that could have saved their @rse!

The above board is (currently) non-working, but I'm in the delicate process of trying to (revive) the bad boy!
So far I've seen 2 case designs for the JagDuo (one black, one grey , both various in size) This board is huge!
Being in the prototype stages, I suppose you would expect that.  This black case seems perfect for the Jaguar2

I know the case is the JagDuo case, but being the JagDuo wasn't going to be released and that the Jaguar2
didn't have a case design yet, this would have been a nice choice to use! 

A Start with Jaguar 2 Memory...
As you can see, there is supposed to be a total of 8MB of RAM for the Jaguar 2.  Using the same tired memory
from the original Jaguar, this is to keep compaility for the backward-use of Jaguar.

It would only make since for Atari to use the minimal amount of needed memory until finalizing produciton to
save on production costs (even if it is only a few bucks, you know how Atari was)

Jaguar 2 Connections
I will call this the (back-side) of the Jaguar 2. As normal, you have the RF lead, DSP, A/V and PSU, but 
additional to all that is an extra expansion port that would allow for external memory/cpu.  It's really hard 
telling what Atari was thinking for this port, except for upgradability and future add-ons (as always)
The first console to have jumpers? ;-) (early early prototype stages, go figure)
Above you can see the jumper selections for the Jaguar 2. The top jumper is a 75Mhz selector from what I can
gather. Along with all my researching, I've seen the Jaguar 2 specs with the TOM II chip running at 75Mhz 
with 4MB of on-board RAM.

The left jumper is to select from Jaguar 1 to Jaguar 2 (The lower (daughterboard) has the original crystal
on the Jaguar 1, to run at a normal speed. The top crystal is 32mhz (thus making Project Overcock an interest
to me) and it ties in with the far right jumper in some instance. (75Mhz)

It's really hard to tell if the crystal on-board is there for the Jerry II at all times or the selector will jump from
26mhz to 32mhz and the TOM II to 75Mhz, it's all confusing to me still, as there are various things it can be for.

As soon as I get the prowler on the run, I'll update this section accordingly.

Jaguar CD Chip
Also, the Orbit chip that can be found in the Jaguar CD is on the Jaguar 2 board. The power connections are
the same (seen above, JP1 - JP6) but there are 2 connectable rows of pins (10 on 2 lines, 20 lines) of course
for the data from the drive.  I'm not sure if I'll ever mess with getting a Jaguar CD to hook up and work on it
but I guess that depends on if I can actually get the unit to power up first.
Speed again..
Again, a better look at the shitty daughterboard and resistors along with the 32mhz crystal I was talking about
earlier.  Guess they haven't figured a way out to make it software - switchable (which is a good thing really, because hard telling if it would have ever seen the performance of the Jaguar 2 if that was the case)
The 68000 (ehhh...)
Ok, this is where I start to question the Jaguar 2 FAQ again....   it's supposed to be a 68EC020, ummm...
Anyhow, again, Atari could have been playing around with chips as to what they should use or not....
besides, it's not the heart of the system, either way you look at it (though it seems a lot of people view it
that way)
The TOM-II (Ripping Speed)
Yep! That's what I said! (That's the TomII?) Looks like  Felix chip to me! Ahh, kinda scarry actually, but again,
Atari was probably using what they had and something the could load code onto easy.

The numbers are marked out by marker (no luck of seeing what it is, except for Toshiba of course)

The pins were bent straight to hell when I got this unit, took me a few hours to get them just right and seat
the chip (as far as it will go)

TomII with Heatsink, Yeah, I should use a fan maybe...  we'll see though...
Jaguar 2 Reset Switch
The Updates...
Hope everyone has enjoyed the detailed pics I've put up so far!
Check back for updates as I'll be posting them as progress is made!   -//JagCube//Clint Thompson