Atari Jaguar 64-Bit Multimedia Entertainment System
Atari Jaguar Shipping - 1993
Atari began shipment of the Jaguar, the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home entertainment
system, Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend of 1993. The American made Atari Jaguar was available
at a suggested retail price of $249.99. Its 64-bit architecture offers two times the performance of 3DO's
noticeably more expensive 32-bit machine.

Included with the sleek Jaguar console are a versatile 17 button controller and a interplanetary space
adventure entitled Cybermorph. Players assume the role of a One-Person rescue team probing war torn
galatic battlefields for stranded military survivors. In their pursuit to liberate lost comrades, the player's
craft morphs or changes into a number of different shapes that blend with real-time texture mapped, 3-D
polygon-based worlds. Players must brave 50 different moons to save all the imprisoned victims and
complete their mission.

Three other titles were available for the Christmas Season of 1993 at $49.99 each:
Evolution:Dino Dudes, Raiden and Crescent Galaxy.

It all eventually plummeted however in 1996 when Atari exited the market and "Lost" the 32/64 bit-console
war. Lack of advertising, quality-title games (Killer Apps) and setting release dates for products there were
always late didn't help Atari in their journy towards the end.

The games that made the Atari Jaguar a "must-have" system included Tempest 2000, Iron Soldier, Power Drive Rally, Ultra Vortek and several other excellent games!

Jaguar: The Aftermath...
The Atari Jaguar is still alive and kicking today! A hefty user-base of fans still support the system and games
are still being produced and published for the Jaguar as I write this! People such as Sinistar Developments,
Songbird Productions, OMC Games, JDC, and others are still currently active in progress of game

Want a list of all the Atari Jaguar Owners out there that are still active? Head over to my good friend
Randy Femrite's site ( and if your not on the list, and want to be, just drop
him an e-mail and he'll be more then happy to add you!

Atari Jaguar Accessories
Atari Jaguar 6-button Pro Controller
4-Player Team Tap Adaptor (Included with White Men Can't Jump)
JagLink Adaptor
ICD CatBox