JagCube's Jagfest2k1 Report

June 30th, 2001   Jagfest 2001: Beyond Tempest

11:15 , Enter Jagfest and get Setup
Well, Tony and myself-(ClintThompson)- got at the fest around 11:15. We should have been there earlier, but I was trying to get several things done at once before we went to the fest and we had a little trouble finding our way back to the Power Center where the Jagfest was being held at.

I was greeted by someone that is associated with the Goatstore (sorry, donít remember your name right off the top of my head) and we got our cool little name tags. Name Tags? Well, If I remember right Randy Femrite and someone else put them together. Real nice, I didnít even expect that but then again I have never been to one of these fests!

Pretty Cool Name Tags if I might say!!!

Met up with Randy Femrite and his wife Nancy as soon as I got there. Got all our stuff unloaded onto the table and got setup.

The Whole Fest!
We brought the prototype Virtual Reality headsets and had them up and running within 40 minutes of us being there. Ted brought his red headset unit and I had the blue one of course. We had probably about most the people at the fest try out or at least look with interest at the Jaguar VR unit. We tested Tedís unit on my tracker and it worked out just fine. Tracking works great but the screen had an odd flicker and it was kind of hard to see, so we opted to use the blue headset for that.

AtariVisionís Table =)

Here is Fard trying out the Jaguar VR setup we had on show!

Look how far he gets using the headset! Pretty impressive for his first time using the VR!
(in a matter of fact he was doing pretty good at all the games &  tourneys! J )

Here is Randy Femrite giving the VR a go! (It kept slipping down so it was hard to see)
(Yes, it is a heavy monster, but a little tighter should have kept it up for a good 30 mins!)

Here is Carl giving the VR a look up into Missile Command Heaven! J
(wait a min, thatís not heaven Ė thatís a huge ass missile coming straight for me!!!!)

I love the way this thing looks!

Moving on to the OMC Demo: Dark Guardian!
OMC Games had a demo for us to display at the fest. James Garvin managed to get me a demo of their upcoming game: Dark Guardian. We got the intro screen to load up, and it gave a little animation scene and a story to go with it. I know James did put in a lot of hard work and effort the past 4 days putting all his time into getting the demo up and running with animation and game play. Game looks and sounds very promising and Iím sure itíll be a great game once finished. Also must like that nifty new OMC games logo at the startup. :)

Here is OMCís Demo: Dark Guardian! Very impressive for the beginning!
(Episode 1: Unknown Enemy!)

Here is the Dark Guardian Demo running alongside with the Virtual VCS Ted brought with him!
(The VR units were having some issues which made the Jaguar kinda mad (red screening) so we loaded these up)
If you haven't done so already, you should check out the www.omcgames.com website for the latest news and info regarding the demo!

Giving Dark Guardian a test run! :)
(This game is gonna be the shiz'et!)

Tournaments Throughout The Day!

Here Carl Forhan is explaining how the Ponx tournament works!
(Are you ready? Are you ready? Letís get it on!!!)

There they go!! Busting each other up in the Combat Tourney!
(Iíll get you , ya bloody bastard!! ;)
*This happened to be over at Martys Game Museum J*
--Nice Setup Marty!ó

Galaxian Tourney! Max is blasting the buzzers away!

Terance busting it up!!!!
(Oi Sheit Capyton! Heís kicking our @rse!)
-wonder who won that one :) -


Here is Carl showing off his latest work, Protector SE (with CD  Bypass!!)

(Drumroll!) Here it is,  Unecrypted BHH CD running of a standard Jaguar with
the CD Bypass program running on Protector SE!
(Maybe this will help uppity up underground programming on the Jaguar!)
-Never knew JagCD was capable of that amazing video that was on the CD!-

Total Carnage made an apperance!
This game was pretty cool, other then the odd numeric controls, it was cool!
Explosions and animations were great! Only it if would have been finished eh?!

Here is Ted and Aaron going at it on TRF!
(Thea Realm Fighters) High Voltage Software was doing this one, but like others it didnít make it!
I must admit however, this is MUCH better then the bastardly Kasumi Ninja, and this isnít even finished!! J

Pretty nice graphics and moves!  A few more touches and little polishing on control and this game could
have been a winner! Royal Marshal huh? :) Very cool to see and play!

Ted going at some BHH on Flash!
(yeah, heís got his moves down on this bad boy for sure!!)

Kasumi Ninja Man! :)
(You no want no me! I will kick your heiny! Ho ha ho ha ho chee chee!)
-and my soy sauce is for you, I can put it in your shoe!-
(Here is Goatstore giving out the great goods for all the winners of the Tournaments!)
ho hum, little oh me didnít make it! Lol

10 Jaguars NETWORKED via BattleSphere!!!!!!!!!
(and now for something completely different! 10 networked Jaguars! Hoo Haa!)

Just for Fun!

Here goes Fard laying out some Painter and Tony trying his moves on NES Tetris!
(Look how deep they are into the games!!!) J (Very eGood!)

Uh Oh! Rush!! Very good game indeed!

Here is IS3 on the very oh so nice NUON!  But can Chad handle the all mighty soldier?
Why yes sir, I think he can!!
(I didnít get to play this one, but T3k was bad-ass!!!)
-if not a little on the overwhelming side! J -

Terance shootin it with Songbird! =)

Songbird had a pretty nice setup indeed!
(Zero 5 was on demo as well as the rapid fire controller!)
Zero 5 is much better then I had imagined, Tony and I was over there playing it every chance!

See, I told you my boy Tony was over there shooting shit up! :)
(Getting the gist of that Rapid Fire technology I see! PoWWWW)

Ahhhh, well there you have it. Tony was getting shot up, not shooting up! Lol
Game Over! (Notice Songbirds little wooden sign :) ) Pretty crafty if you ask me! J

I couldnít believe it either! Skylar made her appearance at Jagfest too!
(Oh wait, umm.. sorry lack of sleep, I was loosing it! Lol oh well, maybe next year huh? ;)
*Cybermorph Flashback!*

Thanks Ted, for kicking it with me on and and off all day! and for running down to
MickeyD's for me and my boy Tony!
)We were hungry something fierce!!!(

There is Tony again, busting up some Protector
(Didnít enter the Tourney though, hmmmmmmmm)
--- there is Dan hiding out ;) ---

Now if I could only get Zone Hunter VR ;) Would be a blast Iímí sure!

Here is Dan and Gary handing out Prizes for the Jagfest Tournament Winners!!

A special thanks to Dan's Dad, David Loosen was given for getting a place for Jagfest2k1!

A special thanks to Dan's Fiancee and Sister for helping serve the drinks and food at Jagfest!
(Sorry, no pic of his mum... but thanks to you too! :)

Eric and Ted win signed copies of T2K Soundtrack!

Eric wins IS2 from Telegames for winning the Comabt Tourney! Congrats!

Fard and DJ win copies of Zero 5 for Raiden!

Fard was lucky enough to win the Flossie T3K Edition!
(He kicked Tempest ASS! :)

Randy wins Jagfest Promotion Packet!

Terrance wins Galaxian Tourney and gets Bug Blasters from Good Deal Games!

And for those of us who didn't win , we all got nice Atari Service bags, thanks to Randy Femrite!

And at the end of the day, I was lucky enough to get one of the Ten Commandments
Shirts from Randy and Nancy! Thanks you two!!!!
(Oh yeah, I picked up that shirt from Goatstore too, both shirts are excellent!)

Last but not least is all the unhappy Jaguars that were (or were NOT I should say) Trying
to make a successful connection for the BattleSphere Tournament! However, an hour and
a half later and about 9 retries, it was a success and everyone was in on the Network
Gaming Bliss, known as Free For All BattleSphere! :)
(((My Cammy wasn't happy at the end of the day, think everyone hated me bogging around and taping stuff, but why not right? Wanted to have the memories down and this site up!)))

There were a few Japanese people that had came their to show their support at Jagfest! They had this cool little translator machine up and running and I asked them: So is there or do you think there will be any underground support for the Atari Jaguar in Japan? They replied: In Japan, the name Jaguar is a joke to everyone, that is why we are producing newsletters with information to help spread the word.  I thought this was very cool, but I also found this to be a shock. Who would have known that the people in Japan thought that? Guess thatís why we also didnít do so well in Japan. Guess some found out it was pretty good huh?

They also managed to buy 3 new Jaguars and 1 JagCD from Carl. They seemed thrilled to death when they seen all the games that came with the package :) Very happy people indeed!

Well, that is pretty much a wrap! The day was excellent. Many JI2 users finally have a chance to meet for the first time. Many get the chance to play and see the VR for the first time. The great news , games, and announcements were all overwhelming. Nice to meet you allÖ Ted, Fard, Micah, Randy & Nancy, Carl, Dan & Dan, Kevin, Marty, Terrance, Max, Aaron, JD, Chad and all the others I canít quite think of right now (I apologize, but it was kind of hard to remember everyoneís name :) )

Fard's Jaguar Video was GREAT running on that Laptop! I loved every bit of it! Keep up the great work man!

Iíll have more pictures up on this page and even some video when I get around to it. This was my first Jagfest and it was GREAT! Thank you all for being so kind and letting me get to know everyone to some extent! I hope next year will be just as great as this one, and Iím sure it will be! Maybe weíll hit the 100 mark, ya think? :) (itís worth hoping for huh?) Well, anyhow Ė Iím out!  Take it easy everyone!

Clint Thompson