(STORYLINE) In the absolute and frozen silence of never-ending deep space, at teh far end of the cosmos, the
spiral of multicolour galatic cloud wraps up the planet Carpo with its volutes (40 degree of boreal latitude).
Bob Morlock, President of the Kanary Research Corp. has constructed you, Commander Blood, to carry out
his last wishes - to see the birth of the universe. In this fabulous adventure through time and space you will
be helped by Honk, the famous bio-conscience of the spaceship Ark, to defend the oppressed and answer
the great questions of life...

*What is at the origin of the Big Bang?
*Who is Petit Piteux, the pirate of the Waves?
*Who is benefitting from the trade of Bionium?
*And why do the Scruters have cybernetic Mantas in their heads?
*Who is behind the mysterious 'Guilde Des Membres'?
*And the Ondoyantes, oh, the Ondoyantes...
*And then who, really, is Bob?

The answer may be found in this crowd of stars...

In a wierd way, this game is like Myst, in the sense that it's just one of those point-n-click adventures!
That's alright if you like them sort of games! The picture you see to the left is the TV you can watch
(commercials, information, etc..) When you first start the game, all you can watch is channel 1.
It lets you watch some funky music video of Commander Blood.

The right picture is your galaxy map, where you may point on specific locations and "warp" to that specific
destination. Mind you the interaction is very minimal here. Point, Click, Bam. Your there!
You must use mind logic and remember things well in this game, as you use tips, hints, and clues as you
move along throughout the game.

This guy in the picture, Bob Morlock (your boss), you can turn to him for advice, yet he is usually asleep.
The left picture is showing him in his "awake" state, talking... the right one is him sleeping, or falling asleep.
Here you are talking on the phone with a droid of some sort  (left picture) As you can see, you have a
mini menu you may select from. Honk- your computer, Telephone - which allows you to receieve phone calls
for important messages and call out? (I haven't been able to do that yet) but it has rang quite a few times!

Then the Cryobox where you can get in contact with Bob Morlock...  the computer will keep you updated
with the surroundings and inform you of warnings and such.

The right picture is just one out of the many loading screens when you 'warp' from one destination to another.
(Which again, is simple at it's best. Point, Click, Pull Lever and zoooom. Your off to your new destination...)

The left picture shows the little 'trigger' ball which will allow you to bring up your galaxy map.
You can turn left or right to bring up the main menu with Honk the computer and check out Ark and your TV.

The guy on the right is a droid I assume, and you have to 'guess' a password to take him with you.
If you fail to give him the right code, he kills you and you die. Only it doesn't seem you really die  because it
will start you over at that exact same point and you have a chance to choose a differnt code.

Once you choose the right code, he welcomes you and you may take him with you on your trip and use him
later down the line when needed (Mind you, I haven't gotten that far either, as it glitches at a point in the
game to where I can not continue)

The left picture shown is another 'warp' movie that happens when moving from one dest. to another.

The right picture is the first world I landed on. This guy talks really funny (moaning more like it) and you have
to read the text as you can't really understand what he's saying anyhow. He is interested in reproduction
but I don't think I'd wanna have sex with that thing! LOL You can ask him a series of questions and he will
answer. Then you have no choice as to leave because he pushes you off so he can go on a date with his
girlfriend (seriously, that's what he says!)

On the left, this is a commercial being shown when you visit one of the SCRUT worlds.
We Need Your Brain? Nah thanks, I'd like to keep mine! Not sure WTF this is all about, sci-fi for real!

On the right, now this guy is a REAL whacko! He first calls you telling you about this great stuff he sells and
you can use your "creds" on, but I have no creds, have no idea how to get them, and not sure what I'd buy
anyhow! (Unless it's for a battery which I would have to buy and put into a robot later in the game)

Go to his world, you have no creds, he gets upset and kicks you out! I get stuck at a point to where I can get
some energy for one of my robots, but the screen gets all glitchy and messed up.
(However this game was intended for a 486DX2 not a 566Mhz Celeron) Huge difference!

Maybe I'll get a chance to get past that point when I get an obsolete computer, but until then that's all I have!

This game was supposed to be released for the Jaguar CD but was apparently cancelled due to the Jag CD
drive coming out so late in 1995 and Atari went under.

This game would have done no justice and would have just added another title to the system to say the least.
From a 1-10 out of rating this game, I would give it a 6 as it is unique in it's own way and 'some' people may
actually enjoy it! 

It is kinda cool in the beginning and I'm sure the Jaguar CD would have done an excellent job!
It's one of those 'alright' games, something you might play a few times and drop it for a year and come back
to it just because you have it.

Nothing was lost except for a mystery when Commander Blood was not released for the Jaguar CD.
Had it been released in 1994 maybe, but late 1995? Far too late....

Clint Thompson