Black Ice White Noise for the Atari Jaguar CD (Unreleased Prototype)
Black Ice White Noise Revision 18 for the Atari Jaguar CD
WOW! To start off with, it's just awesome to see this game in action and to see just really HOW HUGE this game is even in it's ALPHA stage!

SO many rooms, levels, buildings, rooms, etc. etc.!  LOADS of textures everywhere!

The game feels (in my sense) like Grand Theft Auto 3 for the Jaguar (it's not, and no where near that, but it shares very many similarities as far as the world itself you are in, the streets and the way you can just kill anyone you please!

<~This is where you start out when the game begins...  just in the middle of the street...

My First Deck (Your Internet Access Gateway)
Your Deck (Internet Access) for contacts, e-mail, to hack and so forth. You can move around in this 360 degree area and fly into the triangle in which you wish to choose such as Address Book and information on specific things you may find along the way during your journey ;-)
A Closer Look at Your Deck...
Here is a closer look at the DECK. You can select by using the numeric keypad or just running into them.

Although there isn't too much stuff you can really do in the "net" world, there are some text files you can read and check out and emails you get while you walk around your way through the city.

Magazine on the Street, yippy!
As you walk through the city, you can find things such as this (looks like a magazine) but probably a flyer of something that you can't really pick up and by running over it I'm not sure it does anything (at least not that I've noticed)
Entrance to...
Ah, here is a door. Entrance to some building (yeah, I don't remember the name off hand)

The doors were supposed to open and close and be locked when you access them, but it never got far enough, so you simply walk directly through the door as if your Casper!

Well, it gets the job done! You get in the building!

Once you have entered the building...
Finally!! People! Maybe some interaction! Something that is kind of hard to find throughout this game (given it's an Alpha, go figure)

Look now! Playstation THIS! Yeah, Jaguar can't do textures! (Suuuuure)

Tiled or not, they are textures and the game is farily smooth (movement wise)

And so he talks...Full Motion Video...
Here you walk up to the guy (don't know his name off hand either) but regardless, he's just screaming mad about how Megasoft is going to rule the world.

The Video is done nicely too I might add, no glitchy glitch like in some games and it's a pretty nice touch to this sort of game.

Taxi (or not... ermm)
This is where you enter your (vast vast vast majority) of location codes to get to where you need to be getting! :)

It was supposed to be a nice fancy cabbie interface but again, Atari pulled the plug too early for them to implement it.

Type in your destination code and get where your going!

Well, no Taxi cab, but pretrend your Merlin for a second! ;-)

Another Door...
Another door to another building, most are always different!
A Dark Alley....
Well, I guess it's always dark in this game, I imagine that would have been changed as progress on the game would have taken place.

Here is an alley/street with taggin all over the walls of the buildings.... again, more textures.

Inside the Megasoft Building...
Entering the elevator in Megasoft!
Mind you, there are 15 FLOORS!!!
Ok, 15 floors , go ahead and times that by about 20 buildings (at least) and you can imagine on how much searching and time would be consumed in this game! It's just friggin huge!!!

Putting the Jaguar CD Medium to use for a change!!!

I'm in the elevator, now how do I change floors?
Here you are once your inside the elevator.
You can switch floors by holding C and pressing up or down.

The floors change quite a bit, with different textures and all.

15 Floors on top of that add like 12 rooms to each floor, HUGE!!!! Not all floors have that many rooms, some has as little as 1 but you see what I'm saying.

Here you are in front of Kelpin Entertainment. And now we're on our way inside...
Here you are inside of Kelpin Entertainment....  nicely done! The game looks good!
Go Get a drink! You in a bar! 
Here you can get drunk (well, whatever) but you can buy drinks from the bar and shoot a few people in white jackets and then take on a mission from some dude.

Long Time, No Crime! lol
(I didn't make that up, he really says that)

This guy has lost it! (He's cool as hell, pretty hilarious!!)
He needs your help to get him the HELL OUTTA HERE! (Net)

This makes the Full Motion Video fun to interact with!

Another encounter...
The Government, she' trying to help you "clear" your record if you do her a favor.

I've found a total of at least 12 people you can talk to within the game, just giving a taste of what's all in there, don't wanna spoil it all!

Overall Thought on the Game:
Again, I can not stress on how huge this game is , or how huge it could have been.  From what I was told, Atari pulled the plug RIGHT before the Beta version was in the process, so I'm sure there would have been quite a bit to update and stuff that would have been implemented. This game, had it been released in 1995 would hold a title in it's own for the Jaguar CD. I will give it that even in it's current state, it's above and beyond any Jaguar CD game out there right now!

Graphics: It's nice! The character animation isn't the best, and actually at first it's just damn awkward.
After about 20 minutes of playing you don't really pay much attention and you seem to get used to it, then it's
not so strange anymore, I just kinda expected to be right behind the person sort of view. There are LOADS
of textures in all the rooms and floors, ceilings, walls, doors, basement, you name it! Take the enviroment of
driver and it's kinda like that! I'm not going to say PSX quality, but it's damned close!

Sound/Music: Well, Nine Inch Nails was supposed to do the soundtrack for this, but I think Atari was too cheap
to pay for such quality music! However, during the game there is absolutely NO in-game music. There are music tracks that exist for the game but they never had time to implement them (ashame...)

Control: Control is sort of tricky at first, but once you mess around with it for about 5 minutes, you got it down.

Difficulty: As it stands you have access to everything really, and you can't die (Except for the BUG/GLITCH of 
dying in a black hole of nothing! ;-)

Overall: In a weird way, the game leaves me for wanting more! I want to fulfill the mission and kick someones ass and so-forth, but the most I can really do is just kill a lot of people without any real benefit. 

This game was Atari's BIG In-house project, however I don't think 1 game will make much of a difference as
far as sales are concerned and I'm not sure how much it really would have helped Atari in either case, but
I'm sure if it would had been released Christmas of 95' I would have been enjoying it MUCH more then Primal Rage :)

This game is Grand Theft Auto 3 for the Jaguar (without the ability to steal cars and the 6 years advancement on graphics, etc) =)   but you get my general idea....

Hope you enjoyed this page I put together!   -//JagCube//Clint Thompson//